Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA2)

At your Columbus Urban League we are working to respond to the needs of those experiencing economic and financial challenges when it comes to paying rent and utilities.

Please be advised that as of November 1st, all Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program funds were exhausted.

On the online application portal, those applications showing as “Pending Review” status, could not be reviewed as program funds ran out.

In January 2021, the U.S. Treasury awarded more than $560 million of rental assistance to the state and sent about $221 million directly to certain cities and counties in Ohio. The funds were part of the first round of stimulus support for emergency rental relief, known as ERA1, which totals $25 billion nationally.

Franklin County has distributed about $2.2 million in emergency rent and utility assistance funding in March 2022. More than 500 households in the city have benefitted from the program.

According to U.S. Department of Treasury, more than 521,000 renters received Emergency Rental Assistance in October, totaling more than $2.8 billion in payments.

Although we have applied for additional funding from the federal government, we have no guarantee that additional funds will be made available.

For those that have not received funding via ERA2:
Please view other resources below and we will update the information on this page should more funds become available via the online portal.


Questions? Please email us at housingstabilization@cul.org.

Other Resources:
No one in Franklin County should lose their home or their rental income because of COVID-19. Rentful614 assists both renters and landlords in Central Ohio.

Are you a landlord or property manager? You also may be eligible for assistance via the county’s online portal.