December 2023

Consumer Alert: ERA fraud warning

The Columbus Urban League has learned of an alleged scam operation that inappropriately uses the organization’s name. The following is a statement from Jeaneen Hooks, Vice President of Programs for the Columbus Urban League:

“Early this morning we learned that someone on Facebook and possibly other social media platforms appears to be fraudulently posing as an associate of the Columbus Urban League. This person advertises that if a consumer pays $625, Columbus Urban League will reimburse that person’s landlord or mortgage holder $1,250 from Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) funds. At least one individual responded to the offer paid $625 upfront and has now been told that the corresponding $1,250 reimbursement check was declined for insufficient funds.

“We are taking immediate steps to deter this activity and to alert other consumers. CUL does not operate in this manner, and we would never ask anyone for an upfront payment to process an ERA application. Feel free to contact us via or call 614-257-6300 with any questions.”