Rental and Fair Housing Discrimination Prevention

Fair Housing Discrimination Prevention

Hard Outcomes: In 2018, the Columbus Urban League served 2,020 people and counseled more than 906, provided mediation services to more than 574 clients (learn more about Landlord-Tenant Mediation here) and helped 86% of clients remain in current housing.

Objectives: Increase access to and the availability of adequate, affordable housing for low and moderate income households throughout Central Ohio without regard to race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and familial size or relationship. When needed, provide counseling and mediation between landlords and tenants to resolve conflicts and prevent homelessness. Provide fair housing education to landlords and tenants regarding the rights and responsibilities under local, state, and federal laws. Learn more about Housing Discrimination.

Approach: Investigate and pursue housing discrimination complaints and housing discrimination testing. Provide educational workshops, seminars and materials on fair housing laws and regulations.

Evidence: Black women are three times more likely to be evicted than other populations. Eviction rates in Franklin County are at a historic high. Based on CUL’s historical experience, if a tenant takes the initiative to resolve rental issues in a timely manner, mediation will keep them in current housing approximately 70% of the time.

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