Choose 2 Change

Making Second Chances Count

Choose 2 Change

Hard Outcomes: Reduce recidivism while promoting safer neighborhoods. Help returning citizens with job readiness and life skills training. Nine out of ten Choose 2 Change graduates do not go back to jail (92%, compared with 76.6% national average).

Objectives: Ensure those returning from incarceration successfully re-enter the community. Link them to resources for housing, transportation, health and employment. Foster positive family and community relationships.

Approach: Conduct ten-week curriculum based classes at CUL offices in addition to other community locations. Pair each participant with a peer group and/or mentor/coach for support and accountability. Use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to enhance critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Offer practical guidance to reinstate driver’s licenses, earn employment recommendation letters and respond to child support and custody issues.

Evidence: Numerous studies prove that strong support networks, access to jobs, training, housing and healthcare combined with cognitive behavioral interventions significantly increase the likelihood of transformational change.

Questions? Call CUL’s African American Male Initiative at 614-257-6300

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