ENC Live!

Our thanks to Trabian Shorters for offering a Master Class on his award-winning cognitive framework, Asset-Framing®, a model for defining people by their aspirations and contributions before noting their challenges. 

One of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, Trabian Shorters is the catalyst of a national movement to define Black people by their aspirations to move our community toward securing fundamental freedoms to Live, Own, Vote and Excel.

If you want to learn more about his work and vision, check out The Power of Asset Framing: A Conversation with Trabian Shorters.


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From May 2022, Our Stories Matter: We discuss the diverse perspectives on the Black experience locally and nationally, how each generations’ experiences have shaped the way we tell our stories, and how we take ownership of our identity by narrating our stories in community and through art.


From September & December 2022, Our Money Matters: A conversation on access to wealth building in the Black community, the responsibility and influences of financial literacy education, and the emotional connection to money.