Vaccine Green

The City of Columbus wants to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep the community healthy.

To help remove barriers to getting vaccinated, the city is working with the Columbus Urban League to offer up to $100 to eligible individuals who get a COVID-19 vaccine on or after 6/14/2021.

You may be eligible to receive Vaccine Green if you meet two requirements: 1) You live in the City of Columbus, AND 2) You received at least one vaccination on or after 6/14/2021.

If you receive a two-dose vaccine, you could receive $50 as you complete each dose, for a total of $100. If you receive the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you could receive the full $100 at one time.

The Columbus Urban League is not scheduling vaccine appointments for individuals at this time. To find a vaccination site near you please visit this website. Once you have received a vaccination (again, on or after 6/14/2021), you can then proceed to this application. Please allow 3-5 days for your claim to be processed.


If you need assistance with the application or have questions, call us at 614-372-2312 and leave a message with your name and return phone number.

Please note you will be asked to submit proof of your vaccination, preferably a copy of your vaccination card.

If you are looking for Right to Recover, which provides a stipend for missing work due to COVID-19, please click here.