June 2023

Statement on Supreme Court decision

June 29, 2023

The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that universities cannot include racial considerations as part of their student admissions policies. The following is a statement from Stephanie Hightower, President & CEO, Columbus Urban League:

“Today’s ruling again sadly contorts the principles of affirmative action into a divisive hot-button issue. This should not be so. This is about US.

“To paraphrase Justice Brown Jackson, the narrow view of an insulated governmental institution doesn’t change the reality that people of color see in everyday life. The data from the eight states that already ban universities from considering race proves that this ruling will negatively impact diversity on campus.

“We know this is a difficult issue to understand. I try to use my background as a hurdler to offer an example. If I’m running a race but my starting block is twenty meters further back than the other athletes, I will struggle to win that race. As long as young people of color are disproportionally burdened by failing schools, poorer health outcomes, higher poverty and all the remnants of historic structural disenfranchisement, then they’re being required to unfairly compete for the best higher educational opportunities.

“If we’re going to be equal, it starts with being fair.”


About The Columbus Urban League

The 105-year-old Columbus Urban League (CUL) is an advocate and resource for Black and urban communities that is dedicated to growing wealth, education, earning power and small businesses while also supporting strong families. Driven to advance racial equity and social justice, CUL has distinguished itself as an effective organization in numerous ways, including as one of only ten organizations to be selected for funding by One Million Black Women and by earning ranking as one of the top five percent of all 93 National Urban League affiliates. For more information, visit

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