September 2021

“Rebuilding Trust”: Columbus Urban League Forum

Courtesy of Ohio News Time
By Anjun Rama
September 25, 2021

Columbus, Ohio — With the Columbus Urban League YWCA Columbus When National Urban League Hosts a virtual community conversation about building a more restorative justice system.

Andrew Kinsey of 10TV joins local leaders and national experts to discuss regaining trust between the community and the police.

Andrew interviewed two 17-year-old boys, Jordan Harrison and Kanye Danson, who said they lacked trust in law enforcement.

“Police officers have a lot of weight on their shoulders. Not all police officers are bad, but because some of them are doing something, it represents them all. So some People think they are all bad, “Harrison said.

This is part of the division that the Columbus Urban League is working to bridge by continuing to discuss the community-police relationship in the hope of finding a solution.

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