REAL Potential
Youth Empowerment Program Interest Form

The Columbus Urban League’s (CUL) Summer Youth Empowerment Program (SYEP) has been replaced by the REAL Potential Youth Empowerment Program (REAL).  REAL is an acronym rooted in the Search Institute’s Developmental Relationships Framework. Our goal is to Respect, Encourage, Advocate for, and Listen to our youth participants and their families. REAL is in partnership with the Franklin County Department of Job & Family Services and their A.M.P. (Achieve More & Prosper) program. REAL serves youth 14-18 years old and currently enrolled in school.

Important changes to note:

  • We no longer offer a separate summer job program.
  • REAL does offer a year round program that includes a summer work experience component.
  • Acceptance into REAL requires a commitment from the youth (with parental support) to monthly involvement in a variety of activities during the school year from September to May.  Those activities include training workshops, small group meetings at school or the public library, and participation in other events.
  • REAL is designed to be more comprehensive and personal than the previous summer job program.
  • Our aim is to help remove barriers, overcome obstacles and meet challenges empowering teens to personal success.
  • REAL helps teens explore, define, and pursue personal, educational, and career goals.
  • Our current program enrollment is limited to those eligible youth that were participants in the 2017 SYEP summer program.
  • REAL is an eligibility based program; qualifications consider household income and barriers to education and/or work.
  • We do not yet have any openings for new enrollments, however we may have a limited number of openings (50-100) in the upcoming weeks.

To express interest in the REAL Potential Youth Empowerment Program and to be included on a waiting list for future consideration, please complete the following interest application form. The deadline for submitting an Interest Form for the 2018 waiting list is April 25th.





Please understand that submitting an Interest Form places you on a waiting list but does not guarantee acceptance into REAL.

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