Franklin County Summer Youth Success Internship Challenge

Thank you for your interest in becoming a worksite for the Franklin County Summer Youth Success Internship Challenge. We are on a tight timeline to fill spots for this summer, so please provide as much information as you can to start the process. You can also call us at 614-372-2127.

I. Intern Worksite Partner Information


II. Worksite Location, if different site than above

III. Organization Information

Non-Profit OrganizationPublic or Government OrganizationPrivate For-Profit Organization

IV. Intern Job Descriptions



V. The Organization, Department & Person(s) agree to:

Ensure that minor participants, ages 14-15 will not be scheduled to work without proof of a work permit. Provide experienced supervision with a ratio of at least one supervisor to every 10 youth. Provide a safe and healthy work environment with sufficient equipment and materials to carry out assignments. Abide by all Federal, State, and Local child labor laws and civil rights provisions, as well as regulations and policies established by Franklin County Department of Job & Family Services.