Urban Technology Jobs

Urban Technology Jobs Program

Hard Outcomes: Target, train and place people in technology jobs often filled by H-1B candidates. Create more wealth and opportunity in Central Ohio and respond to area businesses’ need for skilled technology workers.

Objectives: Fill high-demand jobs from within the ranks of our current workforce, with an emphasis on those who have been unemployed for six months or more and who are interested in technology. Raise individual earning potential through additional certification and training.

Approach: Create an accelerated technology training program that includes job readiness workshops, resources and connections to resolve other barriers to work, classes that lead to certifications or licenses, paid work-based experiences and stable employment. Support employers with “free” loaned talent who can “intern” in their business and potentially join their workforce.

Evidence: Despite the salary and growth opportunities, there’s long been a shortage of technology workers in Central Ohio. A recent survey found that in 10 major metropolitan areas, only five skilled job seekers exist for every eight open IT jobs.


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