A.M.P.-REAL Potential

Empowering Teens for Success

A.M.P. of Franklin County JFS — REAL Potential Youth Empowerment Program

Hard Outcomes: Provide real-world work experience and a paycheck to youth, strengthening job skills, opening new career options and boosting family income. In the past four summers we have infused $2 million into disadvantaged communities through the payment of youth wages. The 1000 youth who were part of this initiative report a heightened sense of accomplishment and greater self-esteem. They learn financial literacy and budgeting skills. Interns are more likely to earn a high school diploma and pursue secondary education. Young people are on a career pathway to personal success.

Objectives: Development of work readiness skills, life ambitions and career pathways. Progress in school, and the development of personal, career, and post-secondary educational goals. Identifying and addressing barriers to success. Providing youth with the opportunity to earn their own paycheck during the summer to empower themselves and their families.

Approach: Connect each youth with a personal coach, an intensive one-week work readiness training overnight camp, a summer work experience, and year-round programming. The year-round program engages youth with personal attention, small group meetings, workshops, plus leadership and character building opportunities.

Evidence: Beyond the benefits of work experience and income, recent research says youth employment and connections with adult mentors have positive impacts on academics, time management abilities, perseverance and self-confidence.

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