I Am My Brother’s Keeper (IAMBK)

Growing Our Kids

I Am My Brother’s Keeper (IAMBK)

Hard Outcomes: Develop strong relationships with boys of color in the City of Columbus. Identify and address risk factors in their homes, schools, and personal networks that prohibit successful integration into the workforce, higher education, and beyond. All 83 young men in the 2018 IAMBK demonstrated academic gains – one key measure of success.

Objectives: Offer a holistic array of enriching and transformative experiences to young men of color, pairing them with mentors and role models to help maximize their abilities. Give them the skills, connections and supports that contribute to a healthy, productive life.

Approach: Engage 9-18 year-old boys of color throughout the City of Columbus, whose families earn 200% of poverty or less. Offer fun, healthy safe experiences at least twice weekly during the school year and throughout the summer, building academic, career, artistic, and physical strengths. Cross-pollinate with other Columbus Urban League initiatives, placing the young men in summer internships, hands-on digital learning opportunities, drug, alcohol and violence prevention activities and other initiatives based upon their individual needs.

Evidence: Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of mentoring and providing positive and safe life experiences to youth often struggling with trauma and other consequences of poverty.

Questions? Call CUL’s African American Male Initiative at 614-257-6300

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