Homebuyer Education

A Home of Their Own

Homebuyer Education

Hard Outcomes: Since 2015, CUL helped seed $20 million in new mortgages on 220 new homes and kept 2,793 renting families in their home.

Objectives: Use HUD-approved curriculum and tools to educate and counsel at least 160 families annually on how to budget, save, improve credit and, ultimately, qualify for home loans. Also, intervene and assist when crises threaten housing stability.

Approach: Conduct homebuyer education courses followed by open counseling sessions the third Saturday of every month. Award course graduates a certificate for use with down payment assistance. Immediately respond to individuals at risk of losing housing. Also provide financial coaching.

Evidence: Research indicates that pre-purchase programs boost timely loan repayment. Clearly, intervention reduces homelessness.

Questions? CUL's Financial Empowerment Services team will be working remotely through at least April 6. All questions regarding homebuyer education/purchasing can be directed to either Linda Harris at 614-390-0894 or lharris@cul.org or to Rhonda Gaines at 614-736-7910 or rgaines@cul.org

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