FRESH Afterschool & Summer

The FRESH Afterschool & Summer initiatives are extraordinary journeys into the exciting world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) for TANF-eligible students in grades 3rd to 8th.

According to a study by the Afterschool Alliance, students who regularly participate in high-quality afterschool programs are more likely to improve their academic performance. The study found that 68% of students who attend such programs improve their homework completion and class participation, leading to better grades and increased readiness for future educational challenges. Our Afterschool program, running Monday through Friday throughout the school year, is a gateway to a world of exploration, innovation, and fun.

We’re now enrolling for Summer 2024!


What Sets FRESH Afterschool Apart:

1. STEAM-Powered Adventures: At FRESH Afterschool, we make learning an exhilarating adventure! From thrilling field trips that take us on immersive journeys through science and technology hubs to hands-on explorative science projects, and homework help, every day is a new opportunity to discover the wonders of STEAM.

2. Community Leaders as Mentors: Our students have the privilege of learning directly from community leaders and experts in the fields of STEAM. These real-world connections inspire our young minds and show them the endless possibilities that await them in the STEAM world.

3. Creativity Unleashed: We believe that creativity is at the heart of innovation. Our program encourages students to express themselves through the arts while reinforcing their understanding of the core STEAM subjects. We embrace the “A” in STEAM wholeheartedly, fostering well-rounded, innovative thinkers.

4. Building Lifelong Friendships & Social Emotional Learning: FRESH Afterschool is more than a program; it’s a tight-knit community. Students not only learn together but also build friendships that can last a lifetime. They participate in social-emotional learning activities to delve deeper into their own thoughts, emotions, and aspirations. Our inclusive and supportive environment ensures every child feels valued and welcomed.

Discover our Enriching Summer initiative, FRESH Summer (formerly Young Geniuses)!

Students can lose up to two months of grade-level equivalency in math skills over the summer break. However, high-quality summer programs can help prevent this loss and, in some cases, lead to academic gains. This underscores the vital role that summer programs play in maintaining and enhancing students’ educational progress during the extended break. At FRESH Summer, our mission is to ignite young minds year-round. Our exceptional summer programming is designed for rising 5th graders through rising 8th graders. Our commitment to STEAM excellence, social-emotional learning, creativity, and community connections continues throughout the summer, making each day a new adventure in learning and fun.

FRESH Summer Program Highlights:

1. Library Adventures: Dive into the world of literature and knowledge with our exciting trips to the Columbus Public Libraries. Explore captivating books, engage in interactive technology, and discover the joy of reading.

2. Collaborative Group Projects: Our summer initiative encourages teamwork and creative problem-solving. Through hands-on group projects, students tackle real-world challenges, fostering collaboration and critical thinking skills.

3. Extracurricular Exploration: Beyond the traditional STEAM subjects, we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, from arts and crafts to coding, robotics, and virtual reality. Unleash your child’s passions and explore new interests in a supportive and inspiring environment.

4. Physical Activities: Keeping active is an essential part of a well-rounded education. Our program incorporates physical activities that promote health, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Whether it’s a game of kickball or a fun relay race, we believe in the importance of a healthy body and mind.


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