Empower U

Empower U = Stable Employees

Hard Outcomes: Increase the number of adults ready to find and keep long-term employment. Promote sobriety and positive mental health among high-risk people. In 2018, intervention sessions and monthly group sessions served 350 individuals affiliated with adult parole and probation authorities and the City of Whitehall court system.

Objectives: Better inform at-risk people on how to prevent relapses and rely on constructive alternative activities to deal with stress and anger and improve overall health and wellness.

Approach: Partner with the Adult Parole Authority to engage at-risk adults in 14-16 hours of prevention education, experiential learning and alternative activities focused on wellness, sobriety and professional development. Conduct support groups to deal with specific issues including grief, trauma, and stress.

Evidence: Unemployment rates among people living with depression and anxiety can top 30%. Conversely, mental illness and substance abuse are estimated to cost employers $80 to $100 billion annually. Federal research finds that every dollar spent on prevention can save up to $10 in health, productivity, criminal justice and educational costs.

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