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Building Futures

Hard Outcomes: Previously incarcerated and under-employed people receive world class training that leads to great career opportunities in 20 skilled construction trades. To date, 85% of participants graduate and 88% quickly secure employment with life-changing starting wages ranging from $15 to $26 per hour plus full benefits.

Objectives: Fill critically needed positions in Central Ohio’s construction industry while creating true economic mobility for people struggling with poverty. Connect unions, private companies, nonprofits and educators to create a clear path for participants to continue skill development and grow their earning power.

Approach: Recruit, screen and enroll eligible participants to join a 12-week pre apprenticeship that consist of intensive professional development, technical skills training and a wide array of critically needed support services. Graduates earn state and industry-recognized certifications. Participants quickly access other needed services and coaching – from financial education to cognitive behavioral techniques – and also tap into critical financial resources to help assure they can afford to complete their training and fully prepare for a new career and life.

Evidence: More than 60 Building Futures graduates are in the workforce with an average starting wage of $17.91 and benefits. The combination of “hard skills” training and access to critical resources such as help with housing, early childhood care and financial management are proven best practice methods to overcome barriers.

Special Thanks to All Our Partners: Franklin County Board of Commissioners; Franklin County Department of Jobs and Family Services; Columbus Building and Construction Trades Council.

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Special Thanks to Our Partners: