August 2023

Franklin County Commissioners allocate nearly $1 million toward fighting gun violence

The commissioners are giving the money to eight different agencies in central Ohio.

WBNS | By Tara Jabour

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Franklin County Commissioners are allocating $950,000 toward fighting gun violence.

The money is being given to eight agencies in central Ohio.

R.E.S.E.T. Tomorrow is receiving $75,000, Urban Family Development Center $100,000, Women2Women $75,000, Vincentian Ohio Action Network $100,000, The Columbus Urban League $400,000, Hope Dealer Community, Inc $100,000, Restored Citizens FAITH foundation $50,000, and The Son Son Foundation $50,000.

“Gun violence has been prevalent not only in this community but across the country and we felt the need to step up,” said John O’Grady, president of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners.

The agencies address factors that could contribute to gun violence including substance abuse, human trafficking, workforce training and re-entry programs for those who leave prison.

Ruchelle Pride with the Office of Justice Policy and Programs said they targeted agencies that were already successful.

“Make sure we get to the root of the issue and focus on agencies that can do just that. That can get to and have been at the ground water of what is causing these issues for our families,” said Pride.

She said a part of addressing gun violence is making sure people are set up for success.

“To make sure that people have what they need and are equipped with the right tools to do the best they can for themselves and those connected to them,” said Pride.

The county will be tracking the money to see if these agencies really make a change with gun violence.

“Based on agreed outcomes, agreed objectives and most importantly the voice of those receiving the services – what they can tell us about what they have gained,” said Pride.

O’Grady said the overall goal is to lower gun violence and change the lives of those who need it the most.

“It’s one thing to help folks survive, it’s another thing to help them thrive,” said O’Grady.

The money will be allocated to the agencies right away.

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