March 2021

COVID-19 vaccines available in King-Lincoln neighborhood this weekend

Courtesy of WSYX / Fox 28
By Lu Ann Stoia
March 19, 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — The Columbus Urban League is teaming up with Equitas Health to get more people vaccinated for COVID-19 in the King-Lincoln neighborhood.

Urban League President Stephanie Hightower said Friday that accessibility is a challenge for working people.

COVID-19 vaccines available in King-Lincoln neighborhood this weekend (WSYX)

“We are not doing the regular 9 to 5, we are doing this on the weekend, we are doing this in the evenings, or have extended hours. Working-class people —I don’t care if you are Black or white —you don’t have the same flexibility to get off work, to run between 8 and 5 to go and make an appointment without having to take PTO and all of that,” Hightower said. It’s still very frustrating that systems are put in place that do not understand the disparities for Black and Latino and working poor people to make sure they have access to the necessary resources to stay healthy and to get the vaccine. There has to be resources put into place to ensure that all of our citizens, all Americans have an opportunity to get vaccinated so that we can heal this country and get back to as much as normal as we possibly can,.”

If you live in the 43203 zip code, you can call for a free vaccine appointment at 614-257-6300.

The clinics this Sunday and next will be at the Urban League Offices, 788 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Columbus.

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