April 2020

ABC6: COTA, Columbus Urban League distribute 500 Bob Evans meal kits

Watch via ABC6

Hundreds are going to bed this weekend with a full stomach thanks to generous efforts from the Columbus Urban League, COTA, and Bob Evans.

Lines were wrapped around the Urban League building Saturday, as people waited for the free meal kits from Bob Evans.

“We know how great the need is. The disparities as you know for African Americans and people of color, communities of color, are greater right now,” said Stephanie Hightower, President of the Columbus Urban League.

The thirty-pound kits were packed together and delivered to the Urban League by COTA. “It means a lot to be able to even be a helping hand. Even in transportation,” said Brandy Tolber, the Senior Administrator Assistant for the Chief of Innovation for COTA.

“We were hoping to give 500 from what I was told originally. So I think we’re up to maybe 2-250 right now. As you can see, there’s probably a greater need than that, so we’re going to distribute them until we don’t have any more to distribute,” said Hightower, before the event started.

Since the turnout was so large, not everyone left with a kit. “It just breaks your heart but that’s why we’re here. That’s what our mission is, and we’re going to make sure we support the urban core.”

The Columbus Urban League says it hopes to distribute more meals soon.

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