August 2016

Columbus Urban League Rated One of Nation’s Best

 National Urban League Evaluation Ranks Columbus in top 5% of all Affiliates 

The National Urban League now ranks the Columbus Urban League (CUL) in the top 5% of 88 affiliates across the country.

“The Columbus Urban League serves as one of the nation’s best civil rights and family advocates,” said Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League. “The organization achieves exceptional results as proven by our objective assessment and by our selection of them as the host for our 2018 National Urban League conference.”

The evaluation, conducted in June by National Urban League staff, holistically evaluates financial, organizational and governance systems as well as performance outcomes. CUL earned top ratings in nearly every key indicator, particularly for accomplishing its mission and for creating a vital, energized organization.

“We are thrilled to receive independent verification that we are setting and meeting high standards,” said Ramon Gregory, CUL Board Chair and Senior Vice President for Cardinal Health. “Together with our CEO and President, Stephanie Hightower, we set out five years ago to make CUL even more relevant and effective. It’s tremendously encouraging to see this dream become reality.”

“Today, more than ever, Columbus needs an organization laser-focused on overcoming poverty and inequality,” added Hightower. “We transform lives because our staff truly has stood in the shoes of those we serve. We coach people, not manage cases, and our dedication to innovation and outcomes has earned fantastic support and resources from the entire community. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of this work.”

The Columbus Urban League touches nearly 7,000 people each year and works to overcome poverty through an array of initiatives that focus on economic transformation, foundational education and family stabilization. Critical outcomes include placing 509 chronically unemployed ex-offenders into jobs since 2012 keeping 700 families in their own homes and helping create $14 million in new mortgages in 2014; leading sold-out financial education classes that are boosting credit scores by 100 points or more; and providing highest quality Head Start care that ensures all of its graduates enter kindergarten reading or reading-ready.

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