May 2021

Columbus Urban League pushing to support local business

Courtesy of ABC6
By Rodney Dunigan
May 12, 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — As we move one step closer to normal there are still a large number of local businesses fighting to survive and ensure they’re open on the other side of the pandemic. The Columbus Urban League is stepping up to help. The Urban League is launching a major initiative aimed at providing support.

The past year has been a battle for a number of minority-owned businesses across Central Ohio. From state restrictions to business closures, many have had to use a bit of creativity to remain open. There is now renewed hope and help coming from the Columbus Urban League.

Over the past year, ABC 6 has told countless stories of local business owners fighting to make it through the pandemic.

Many minority-owned businesses across Central Ohio coming together through partnerships to assist each other as profits in many cases trickled in.

Now, another potential boost. The Columbus Urban League is kick-starting a major push to lend a hand through the organization’s minority business assistance center.

Just this week, Franklin County Commissioners gave the ok for additional funding for the program.

Urban League president, Stephanie Hightower told ABC 6 that they’re focused on providing a number of key services. Including providing access to needed capital and new business contract opportunities.

“Making sure that small businesses are there is important. These minority-owned businesses, these are also employers. If we want to lift up our neighbors, these businesses are in our neighborhoods, and it also gives us the ability to build up these neighborhoods. It’s really an opportunity for hope,” said Hightower.

For many local minority businesses, this opportunity could serve as the lifeline needed to keep their dreams up and running.

Hightower also stresses that the overall aim of this program is to grow the minority business community, support job creation, and further economic growth here in Central Ohio.


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