December 2020

Columbus Urban League, NAACP respond to police shooting of Andre’ Hill

The Columbus Urban League and Columbus NAACP are calling for more accountability and transparency after a Columbus Police officer shot and killed an unarmed Black man early Tuesday morning.

Officer Adam Coy shot and killed 47-year-old Andre’ Hill. He was wearing a body camera, but it was not turned on until after the shooting happened. Video of the shooting was recorded because of a “look back” function of the body-worn camera, but audio was not recorded until the camera was turned on.

The president of the Columbus Urban League, Stephanie Hightower, said police need to review their body camera policies and ensure the investigations are transparent.

“I just hope the majority of the community and people understand the trauma that it is causing for young Black people in this community,” Hightower said. “There is not a belief in our justice system. There is no trust in our law enforcement.”

Hightower said law enforcement is necessary, but when police-involved shootings keep happening, she said it’s hard to have meaningful reform without emotion behind it.

NAACP President Nana Watson is also calling for a review of body camera policies.

Watson said taxpayers paid for the camera and she expects them to be used.

“This is just heart-wrenching. Sad. It’s anger. It’s just not acceptable behavior in our community at this point in time and it needs to stop,” Watson said.

The NAACP said the community needs accountability and no excuses.

Mayor Andrew Ginther has called for the immediate termination of Coy as the Ohio BCI investigates the shooting.

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