January 2021

Columbus Urban League Jan. 7 statement on attack at the Capitol

The following is a statement from Columbus Urban League President & CEO Stephanie Hightower regarding the citizen attack on our federal government and protestors who gathered in Downtown Columbus yesterday:

“No matter your race, ethnicity, gender, age, or sexual orientation, we are first and foremost Americans. What happened yesterday was an assault on the most fundamental tenet of our government: the right of our people—all people—to cast their vote and elect their leaders.

“This cannot stand. We are not a dictatorship. Domestic terrorists will never undermine our government nor will they ever deny us our collective democratic rights.

“That said, I know that many in our community, especially many Black people, are extremely anxious and wary. We know that we could be targeted and that our safety could be at risk. We hope law enforcement will protect us.

“I can only ask that, just as you have been doing due to the pandemic, stay home, stay safe and do everything we can to take care of one another. In another, earlier time of great crisis, a president reminded us that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Let us stir up our collective courage and stand together, emboldened that “we the people” are the reason that our Constitution has served as our unwavering conscience for more than two centuries.”

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