May 2020

Columbus Urban League helps people pay bills during Covid-19 crisis

watch via NBC4

by Rob Sneed/May 14, 2020

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Businesses are starting to reopen and folks are getting back to work. But there’s still more than a million people unemployed in the state. Some utility companies and landlords are allowing late payments but more bills will come in just two weeks​.

Joshua Moore has been unemployed since March and hasn’t seen relief yet. ​​

“I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place with the whole situation at this time,” said Moore.

He works in the food industry and the COVID-19 crisis changed his life.​​ ​

“When the pandemic happened and Governor DeWine said they’re stopping all dine-in, it crippled the business over night,” he said.

Moor said he was instantly furloughed and he soon reached out to the Columbus Urban League. He applied for the non-profit’s home stabilization program, which helps people behind in rent and utilities.​

“I’ve been exhausting all my savings just trying to tread the waters,” Moore said. “It’s helped that a lot of things aren’t open so you’re not spending unnecessary money. “

Rayshawn Wallace knows the feeling.​ He too went to the Urban League for help.​ Luckily for Wallace, he just started a new landscaping job. He’s one of 700 applicants that reached out to the non-profit.

So far, more than 50 people have been given more than $49,000. If you are needing assistance from the Columbus Urban League, you can call them at 614-484-9111.

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