October 2020

Columbus City Council Lines Up Another $300,000 In Housing Assistance

Courtesy of WOSU
October 26, 2020
By Nick Evans

Columbus City Council takes up a measure on Monday night that would send $300,000 to the Columbus Urban League to support rent and mortgage assistance.

The funding comes from the federal COVID-19 relief package known as the CARES Act. So far, the city has sent $5.7 million in funding to various partner organizations that have in turn supported more than 3,000 families.

But Columbus City Council member Shayla Favor says the city still has work to do.

“So as we continue to navigate these uncharted waters, we know that the need for emergency rental and mortgage assistance still exists, so I’m happy to bring this piece of legislation before the legislative body this upcoming Monday,” Favor says.

As part of the assistance, recipients also take a financial literacy course and have access to a program for improving credit scores. Favor says the chief aim is to maintain stability.

“They’re not only receiving financial assistance, but they’re also being equipped with education and tools that will help foster a sense of accountability in order to ensure stability,” Favor says. “And that’s what we want — stability.”

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