January 2021

Columbus City Council, Columbus Urban League giving citizens money to recover from COVID-19 at home

Courtesy of WBNS 10TV
By Gabriela Garcia
January 26, 2021

Qualified people can get up to $1,200 to cover the time off needed to isolate, recover or take care of their child recovering from COVID-19.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Coordinated by the Columbus City Council and Columbus Urban League, The city’s Right to Recover Program was created to give people who have had to take time off from work to deal with COVID-19.

Qualified people can get up to $1,200 to cover the time off they need to isolate themselves, recover or take care of a minor child who is recovering from COVID-19.

Stephanie Hightower, the President and CEO of Columbus Urban League, said this program was a no-brainer for her organization and the City of Columbus.

“If you’re worried about not having two weeks of income and you’re already in an under-wage job, that’s just not fair,” she said. “We’re encouraging people to give us a call and we will get people those dollars they need so they can maintain their household.”

Katharine Fewless is a mom and artist in Columbus who put her gallery pause during the pandemic to work for DoorDash.

When she and her daughter tested positive for COVID-19 she had to worry about recovering not only physically, but financially.

“I couldn’t get out of bed. I hurt so bad, I coughed so bad,” she said. “I’m the main breadwinner, so it was kind of like, ‘ahh what do we do? How are we doing to survive this?”

Fewless applied for the Right to Recover Program after hearing about it from a friend, and she got about two weeks worth of what she would have been paid if she did not get sick.

Now, she is encouraging others like her to do the same.

“It’s a great thing to feel like you’re supported in the community,” she said.

To qualify, an applicant has to be a resident of Columbus who has recently tested positive with COVID-19 or who is caring for a minor child who has tested positive, have been employed at least 20 hours a week before being diagnosed, earn under 185% of the Federal Poverty Level, and commit to isolate for two weeks (14 days) after they are diagnosed.

Those who have questions can call 614-484-9111 (and select Right to Recover) or fill out an interest form here.

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