June 2021

City council votes Monday on $100 vaccine incentive

Courtesy of NBC4
By Jonathan Jackson
June 11, 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — If you get the COVID vaccine, and you’re an eligible resident of Columbus, you could get $100 to go along with it.

Because on Monday, city council members are expected to vote on legislation that would do just that, for at least 2,750 people.

“Eligible residents will receive up to $100 for demonstrating that they have been vaccinated since the passing of the program, and that is to make sure that we are stripping away as many barriers as possible that stand between a person and the vaccine,” said Elizabeth Brown, Columbus City Council President Pro-Tem.

Brown says the funds would come from modifying a grant agreement with Columbus Urban League and is an extension of their ‘Right to Recover’ program.

The goal being to incentivize people to get the vaccine, and prevent hesitancy, especially among minority or low-income communities.

“The problem that I see as a policymaker when I look at vaccine uptake around our city, is that it is story of people who have a lot of access to the healthcare system, and people who don’t have much access,” said Brown.

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