June 2021

Citi launches its own vaccine incentive program in the Urban League

Courtesy of Ohio News Time
By Taijuan Moorman
June 20, 2021

The city of Columbus has launched a vaccine program to combat vaccine hesitation and encourages unvaccinated residents of Columbus to be vaccinated.

The $ 275,000 Vaccine Green Program, managed by the Columbus Urban League, will provide residents with $ 100 to obtain Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Shots, or $ 50 per shot of Pfizer or Modana Vaccine.

To qualify, the individual is a Columbus resident and must be vaccinated at least once after June 14.

“Financial support fills accessibility gaps, all regions, especially color communities known to have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, and somewhere immunization rates remain below 40%. It aims to promote a fair recovery for all in the region, “said Elizabeth Brown, acting city council.

Funding for the incentive program will take place at the same time as the city expands. Right to recover the program, Provides financial relief to low-income residents affected by the COVID-19 diagnosis. Funding for the program is currently extended until December 31st.

Mr. Brown said there are many hurdles for Columbus residents to access the vaccine. For example, lack of access to paid leave and reliable childcare, and hesitation of some workers for fear that the short-term side effects of the vaccine will prevent them from returning to work.

“If you miss time at work to protect your health, it can be financially devastating to your family,” Brown said. “The basic idea is the same. For many low-income workers, the burden of absenteeism can prevent them from being vaccinated.”

A website will be launched shortly to help residents sign up for the program. visit For more information.

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