June 2020

‘Black Out’ day urges Columbus residents to call off work as form of peaceful protest

Courtesy ABC6 News

Monday, June 1, 2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — The Columbus Urban League is calling for a blackout protest, asking people to voluntarily call off work. The peaceful protest tactic is meant to get their message across for racial justice.

Other demands include police reform, and an independent prosecutor to investigate police use of force in Columbus.

The organization says by calling off work, they can have a multi-prong approach to their protest. It’s an additional way to fight against racial inequality by limiting productivity in the workplace.

President Stephanie Hightower says she believes over the past few days there have been outside groups coming in to cause destruction in the city. And those disruptive groups cause the crucial message to get lost.

“I stand with our young professionals and their call for a ‘Black Out’ day,” says Hightower. “I implore our employers and business leaders to lean in and lift up our families, white, black and brown.”

The economic protest encourages all professionals of all races to call out of work for the day.

by Ciara Lucas

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