February 2021

Black History Month: Columbus Urban League Honors Kim Brazwell

Courtesy of ABC6
By Maria Durant
February 12, 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — In celebration of Black History month, WSYX has teamed up with the Columbus Urban League as the group recognizes the achievements of African American women in our community.

Kim Brazwell is one of the women being honored. She’s the founder of the consulting firm called “Kiminstry.”

“One of my nicknames had been Kiminstry, ” Brazwell said. ” And I feel like a chemist trying to see what I can mix up in the lab.”

What does Brazwell mix up?

She specializes in trauma-informed social justice. She is also a diversity practitioner with a background in education and advocates for behavioral and mental health and wellness.

Brazwell says her services over the past year have been needed more than ever in helping people not only deal with the pandemic, but with racial injustice.

“My ultimate goal would be to be put out of business, but right now the world is in crisis. Feels like it’s on fire and because of that, I’ve been busier than ever because I think people are realizing you just can’t talk about systemic oppression, you can’t just talk about disenfranchise with people without talking about how they’ve been hurt and harmed, ” she said.

Brazwell is also an author. She wrote the book ‘Browning Pleasantville,” a book based on her struggles growing up as a minority.

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