February 2024

Black Father-Daughter Dance chance to make memories

By Jackie Gillis


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Creating memories that will last a lifetime was the goal of Saturday’s second annual Black Father-Daughter Dance.

Hundreds gathered at COSI for a night of fun and an opportunity to match your daughter.

While the dance may be about letting your hair down and having fun, it’s part of Black Girl Dad Week, a week of activities and events highlighting the roles Black fathers and father figures play in the lives of Black girls and women.

“I’m excited to hit the dance floor,” said Ivy Lewis.

Fathers and father figures spent hours on the dance floor with their daughters and loved ones.

“Honestly, I’ve just never seen men smile as much. You know, when we have a problem smiling, people think something’s wrong with us. But to see men genuinely enjoy themselves because daughters, in particular young girls, force you to do that,” said Jewel Woods, founder of Male Behavioral Health.

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