June 2020

Bath & Body Works donating $1 million to National Urban League, YMCA

Courtesy of FOX28 Columbus
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — Columbus-based Bath & Body Works announced Wednesday it will be donating at least $1 million to fund the fight against racism and inequality.

The company will donate $1 million to both the National Urban League and the YMCA and their Columbus-based affiliates.

LBrands and Bath & Body Works have supported these organizations for more than two decards with grants of nearly $7 million, according to Bath & Body Works.

“We’re proud to strengthen our partnership with these organizations to best leverage our donation in support of the fight against racism,” Bath and Body Works CEO Andrew Meslow said. “We also need to identify ways we can collaborate, advance our thinking, and support programming internally and in our communities to make an impact on the inequality facing black people and all underrepresented groups.”

Meslow said there are initial steps and there’s more work for the company to do.

By Jarrod Clay

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