February 2022

Bath and Body Works receives backlash after releasing Black History Month collection

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Courtesy of FOX 8 Local First
By Marchaund Jones
February 1, 2022

(WVUE) – Bath and Body Works released its first Black History Month collection. The collection features candles, lotions, and fragrance mist designed in the traditional art of African mud cloth, according to William Bernard, vice president of design, Stylecaster reported.

“To me, it beautifully bridges our rich history with a bright future through vibrant colors and inspirational messages. I also think it’s meaningful that a group of Black associates, leaders, and partners from Bath & Body Works were a part of the creation, allowing our collective expression to come to life,” Bernard said.

The Bath and Body Works in-store sign introduces the collection decorated in kente cloth welcoming customers with the statement, “Celebrate Black History Month.”

The products in the collection are decorated in tribal patterns and read the words, “unity,” “empowered,” and “confident.”

Bath and Body Works stated that they’ll be donating $500,000 to The National Urban League and The Columbus Urban League. The company also plans to host events promoting Black health and wellness.

This didn’t sit well with some users on Twitter, expressing feelings of capitalistic exploitation of the Black community.

no store that’s not black owned should be selling black history inspired stuff, bath and body works what are you doing??? black history month isn’t valentines. is there a line that america won’t cross for money?

— ♡ umaimah♡ (amanita stan account) (@colouredbraids) January 29, 2022

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