November 2021

A prominent Columbus woman discusses the story of hair discrimination

Courtesy of Ohio News Time
by JD Mark
November 18, 2021

Columbus, Ohio — Juanita Brent, Ohio Parliamentarian, is one of the other legislators working to gain support behind House Bill 535, also known as the Crown Act.

This law stops discrimination against race-based hair in professional settings. Several states and cities, including Columbus, have passed the Crown Act to create a more comprehensive workspace.

In recent years, natural hair movements have led women and men of different ethnicities to wear natural styles instead of using chemicals.

Former 10TV Anchor Angela Pace, Columbus Urban League President and CEO Stephanie Hightower, and Janelle Coleman, Vice President of Community Engagement and Diversity Inclusion at the AEP Foundation, said the need for crown law and racial discrimination in their lives. We talked about how it affected. ..

You can see their full discussion here.

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