October 2020

A Letter to the Community

Courtesy of the Columbus Underground
By Margaret Robinson
October 30, 2020

As we round the bend to Election Day, it is clear that the people of our region have come together to engage in our country’s democratic process like never before. We celebrate those who have stepped up to be considered for public office, those who are turning out in record numbers to vote, and those who signed up to work at our polling places.

As civic organizations working to serve the common good, we are used to seeing people come together—some in need, and others in service—but all with a generosity of spirit. And, we see so many benefits when they do, particularly in the strengthening of the well-being of the people of our region.

What can we do to bolster the culture and the practice of working together to meet the formidable challenges of our day despite our differences? If we can vote together, we can work together, and the bonds we strengthen and the bridges we build will define us for generations to come. As organizations built on enduring missions to serve you, we are committed to working with you towards a better tomorrow, for all.

In community,

Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce • Columbus College of Art and Design • Columbus Downtown Development Corporation • Columbus Metropolitan Library • Columbus Partnership • Columbus Regional Airport Authority • Columbus Urban League • Columbus State Community College • COTA • Greater Columbus Arts Council • Experience Columbus • Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission • One Columbus • Rev1 Ventures • The Columbus Foundation • United Way of Central Ohio • Women’s Fund of Central Ohio • YWCA
…and hundreds of fellow nonprofits working to provide care and services throughout our region.
This message provided by The Columbus Foundation
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